Enterprising Equine Efforts

Last weekend, Momo was able to snag tickets to the widely publicized horse and pony show put on by the frogs. . . I mean, folks. . . who organize Cirque Du Soleil. Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I *cough Four cough* realized that this would be great opportunity to offer Five readership an exclusive pictorial plunge into the closely guarded* sensation that is
(sorry, Courier is the most enigmatic font that Blogger offers.)

*Closely guarded refers to the 'No Pictures/Videos/Macaroni Portraits' policy that is strictly enforced at all performances of Cavalia. Subsequently, your exclusive look will be a composite of clip art, prehistoric-19th century oil paintings, and out-of-date circus posters.


Act I started with the agonizingly graphic birth of a foal.
For those of you wondering, witnessing horse birth is a bad item
for a bucket list. . .
. . . it's bad because it's gross.
The looks on the faces above are not ones of joy, but of abject horror.
Horse trotting
Horse and large ball

Splendorous feats!!!
Pastoral trotting
Remarkable trapeze/horse action!
Many horses galloping!!!

APPLAUSE!!! Applause! APPLAUSE!!!!

A note to those who have seen Cavalia: I realize that my pictures may not have done it justice (pfffft, thanks a lot, Google *derisive snort*). I will point out that the photos are only meant to serve as a springboard for your imagination. . . Cavalia can be whatever you imagine it to be!

They've really got to get some curlier scripts, gosh darn it.