Ode to a One-Year-Old

Tiny, oh, Tiny,
Irresistible boy,
Large-headed small man,
Bouncing bundle of joy,

One year you have graced us
Here, smiling on earth --
You've shared your bright spirit;
I've schlepped your sweet girth.

I love your nine teeth
And your ten lanky toes,
Your 20-odd words
And the snot from your nose.

Every aspect of you
Is just terribly charming:
The scant hair is handsome!
Your bites are disarming! (sort of)

Sometimes I wonder,
(Lost in searching brown eyes),
How can someone so little
Be so deep, and so wise?

Perhaps Heaven made you
This flawlessly great,
So that I could screw up
But you'd still be First Rate!

Welcome to the Second Year, little man!  We love you terribly much!