Introducing... Mrs. Three Astro Boy?

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere between friending Astro Boy on facebook, and meeting him in real life, we seem to have gotten married.  There is no ring, and I really have no recollection of him popping the question, but the other day it was revealed to both of us that we got hitched.

Our time in Hungary has been filled with pomp and circumstance, a lot of events and a considerable amount of security.  And at one of these events while working our way through said security, the guard told me "You shall not pass!" (well, it was actually more along the lines of "your name's not on the list," but you get the picture). I. Was. Livid.  There were my siblings' names Four, Five, Z, but no Three, and without my name on that list they said there was nothing they or I could do, and I'd have to go sulk at a cafe eating ice cream while I waited for my family.  Meanwhile Astro Boy was looking up his name on the list when he let out a truncated guffaw.  "Look!" He shouted, and directed our gaze to a name on the list, "Mrs. Three Astro Boy," it read, and while my passport still says Miss Three, it was good enough for the guards, and fine and dandy for me.

It has led to a considerable amount of awkwardness, first I had to tell Dr. P, and then there was dealing with the fact that Four had joined us on what I can only assume was our honeymoon, but in the end we had a grand old time of it, and we even took the picture for our Christmas card!

Awkward, right?

best man?