The Anatomy of a Bite

A meal is so often taken for granted.  Swallowed down without a second thought.  Flavors fade into obscurity, washed out by a swallow of coke or juice.  A nibble is most often forgotten, they are more a nervous habit than a conscious act.  People pick at their food, forgetting that the way we eat is a luxury, not a right.  We think of eating in terms of grabbing, getting, gorging. 
Here’s to food fully formed.  To taste, to flavor, and spice.  Here is to the bite, thorough and decisive, with edges clean and straight.  One mouthful, one gastronomic gift that compels you. To wait. To Stop. To savor.

Strawberry Amuse Bouche

1Qt. good quality strawberry yogurt
4 oz. chevre
2 T. super-fine sugar (or to taste)
½ t. ground ginger
3 fresh strawberries—sliced for garnish
cheesecloth folded to 8 layers.

Place the cheesecloth into a mesh sieve and empty the yogurt into said sieve.  Place the whole thing somewhere where it can drip freely and go watch a movie.  (I recently saw how to train your dragon, that might be a good one.  Also, 2 parts of any BBC mini series.)

When you’re done with your movie come back and whip the chevre with and electric mixer so it’s fluffy.  Fold in the thickened yogurt, add the ginger and sugar to taste.  Place in fridge, go call your mother (this conversation should last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, so no talking about 1. Why you haven’t been to church, 2. When you and your bf are going to get married, 3. Why you haven’t called in 2 weeks)

Tell mom you have to go, but next time you won’t wait so long to call.  Sneak a bite. Plate. Impress.