Guest Blogger: Brother S on Love and Marraige

Our first guest blog post comes from one of the five TD brothers, specifically, Brother S., who is in Sendai, Japan serving a mission.  If there was a wedding highlight, this is it.  Did we mention how awesome our brothers are?  They are.

Dear Two and Mr. Two~

As I sit here in the scenic backwater of Morioka Japan watching the rain fall for the fourth day straight, I would like to share a few deep thoughts on this, your special day. I was going to write about my heartfelt affection for you both, but instead I thought that the most important thing I could write about today is the death penalty. Capital (I`d like to apologize if it`s supposed to be capitol, but I`m not 100% sure either way.) punishment is a vital part of American society because it forewarns potential malfactors that we are deadly serious (pun-intended) about our justice system. Once, I was called to sit on a jury, the case involved one drug dealer bludgeoning another dealer to death with a frozen salami... just kidding. Two and Mr. Two, two dears if ever they existed. My affection for you both knows no bounds. I will never forget the times we`ve spent: traipsing around the DelMarVa peninsula, doing battle with Italian Customs Officials, and gallivanting across bits and pieces of three continents. You two have always been among my closest confidants and very best friends. As far as specialized anecdotes go I am going to attempt to avoid delving too far into cliché but I will share two rather short ones.

Firstly, for Mr. Two. I remember the first time we met around Christmas a few years ago. The boys in my family are definitely trained to act offensively with regards to any outside males who come in and attempt to attach themselves to the family unit. For us the rule has always been `terrorize first and ask questions later` however with Mr. Two it soon became evident that such an endeavor would be largely pointless. Not only did our similar cultural backgrounds render him largely immune to most of the terrors that the males in my family specialize in. He was just so darn (honestly not the best word but the only stronger words I can think of are profane and sound like ` a`damned`) nice that for once terrorizing him just didn`t seem fair. As the years have passed Mr. Two has proven himself to be among the kindest, brightest, most capable people I have ever met. So, to paraphrase the paradoxically timeless yet somewhat clichéd Strongbad “Mr. Two... You just keep doing your thing man.”

Now for Two. Oh Two, you have had more than your fair share of excitement. But to get to the root of what I want to write I feel compelled to reference difficult chapter in all of our lives. The day you were diagnosed with PPH I was riding in the car with three and we had just received the call that your diagnosis was serious. Back then there was a flower shop in a relatively dingy strip mall near the highway that regularly advertised 100 roses for 29.99 After a bit of conversation three and I decided that although we were incapable of doing anything for you right then and there the best thing we could do was bring you an expression of our love. So pooling our resources (and all the change that there was in the car at the time) we went to the flower store and bought you 100 roses and set them on your bed for when you got home from the hospital. I don`t much remember what became of those flowers, They were a minuscule ray of sunshine in a maelstrom of epic proportion, but then as now I want you to know that the sentiment remains the same. No matter what happens know that your little brother loves you and that there is no distance too far to travel, no suitcase I wouldn't carry, and no bureaucrat I wouldn't bully just to make sure you knew that. I`ll be seeing you soon, stay healthy.

So in closing I would like to state a few regrets about this missive. 1. It's slightly too long 2. It's not very funny 3. It doesn't mention anything about “mawage bwinging us togethuuu” or “tawoo wuv” (I`m not sure about the spelling but I`m pretty sure you know the pronunciation). Due to the overly ecclesiastical nature or my current pursuits I briefly pondered quoting some of the more bawdy passages in Song of Solomon, but I`ll have to leave that for another occasion. Instead I shall leave you with this (slightly dated) Haiku.

Man and Lady Two
Married today you are
party party yeah

Love and Kisses
-Elder TD