How He Became Mr. Two

When I was just a little girl, they said I'd marry well.
A wealthy man he'd surely be and he'd think I was swell.
"No, no!" I would respond with haste, "If I will one day wed,
"It only will be for true love or I'd rather be dead!"

But age brings reason and by twelve, my mind, well it was made.
The boys I knew would waste my time -- they didn't make the grade.
So work and study, sing and pray and build a resume
was what I did day in and out, and sometimes I would play.

Success, it came and travel off to distant foreign lands.
The one thing that I couldn't do was land me the right man.
I kissed one once at twenty two, a few more here or there,
But I liked to pretend on stage -- not pretending I care.

They flittered here and flattered there, but something didn't fit.
Til Yoni D., he came along and love finally bit.
Head over heels, it took some time, no matter how I'd try
I couldn't help fall hard and fast in love with this one guy.

It wouldn't work, of that I knew, but something told my soul 
If he'd respect my rules and ways, love makes us all more whole.
So days passed, weeks, then months and years -- he's one darn patient man
A kind and loving optimist who held me and my hand

Through the depths of sorrow, to my own life's precipice,
Up to vistas of my life that I had somehow missed.
Now as I finish with these thoughts, I look back and I see
that more than Yoni D., I've talked about well, uh-- err  -- me.

But I guess that the reason why is because Yoni D.
makes me love both of us much more and all the things we'll be
I guess that they were right so very many years before.
He's rich with all the things I need; I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Birthday Mr. Two!!!