Pumpkin Fondue

Last week, we celebrated Mr. Two's birthday with a lovely autumnal feast.  At the center of said feast were six, small pumpkins stuffed with spices, cream, four kinds of Swiss cheese and toasted french bread.  This was a storied recipe, but not one that had actually ever been used.  It came from the final edition of Gourmet Magazine.  Three found it and was determined to make it.  But year after year passed and somehow, none of us have ever gotten to it.  But when we returned from Hamilton NY, we did so with a load of baby pumpkins from Brother L's visit to the farmer's market.  I decided this was my chance.  I invited Z over (he cooks real good) to help me prep the pumpkins with Mr. Two and the rest... Well... you can see what happened.

You will need:
1 6-7 lb. pumpkin or 3 2lb pumpkins
Heavy Cream (1 cup)
Broth or Wine (1 1/2 cups)
1 day-old loaf (or older) bagette
Olive Oil
A pound of swiss cheese -- coarsely grated. The more kinds you have, the yummier it will be.
Salt , Pepper and Nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350. Clean out the pumpkins well and reserve the tops.  Rub the inside down with olive oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg.  Let sit.  Combine heavy cream and broth or wine and season with a dash of salt, pepper and nutmeg.   Cut bread and toast.  Alternately layer bread, cheese and cream mixture inside of pumpkin until you come to one inch of the top of the pumpkin.  Replace top and place in an oiled pie pan or casserole dish.  Cook for about 2 hours or until the pumpkin is soft and burnished.  Serve with crusty bread, apples, pears and mulled apple cider.

STAY TUNED for some really fantastic things to do with your leftovers from this dish.