Giveaway: Thank You, Have Some Jewels!

Hello, dear people!
FIVE has been a little . . . out of sorts lately. We blame Two; no photos, food, or crafts -- she hasn't even posted for nearly three months! She keeps shoving it off onto her recent "bilateral lung transplant surgery". . . Pshaw! To make up for her woeful neglect,*** we teamed up with Scarlet Samples to offer one lucky FIVE reader $30 in credit at their lovely jewelry shop. Scarlet Samples carries a wealth of wondrous necklaces, bracelets, broaches, rings, and earrings -- all of them fantastic deals. Here are the <$30 pieces we chose (ahh, the perks of blogging):

One liked the lovely honey quartz
Two chose the ethereal white pearl
Thee prefers the yummy rainbow agate
Four chose the dainty green pearl
Five fancied the black agate

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We'll announce the winner next week!

***All joking aside, every single one of you deserves a bedazzled chocolate scepter for the tremendous outpouring of love, support, and happy thoughts you've sent our way during Two's surgery and subsequent recovery. In my heart, you've each already won a bedazzled chocolate scepter.