Vegetable Garden Love

There are few places dreamier than Mount Vernon. Between the bucolic hills, frolicking sheep, and perfect colonial abode, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with the place. We visited earlier this week and I'm happy to report that it's prettier than ever. 
After feasting on some hearty colonial fare, we stalked some sheep (they don't really seem to mind people, but only a select few one would allow us to actually touch them it), and explored the various structures.
You wanna know what I loved most? 
The Vegetable Garden.
(It deserves those capital letters.)
It. was. exquisite.
Really, superlatively lovely.
It made me want to forget about everything else and devote my life to the soil.
(Especially if I could live in that little gardener's house.)
Rows and rows of pristine cabbages, tomatoes, and onions surrounded by a glorious explosion of vines and blossoms.
Just spectacular.
Never before has dirt looked so appealing.
The pictures don't quite do it justice, so you'll just have to trust me.
Or, better yet, visit in person!