When Life Gives You Lemons, Spraypaint that $#!% Gold

One and I got a little crafty over the past week. And by "a little crafty" I mean "HOLY SHOOT! DO YOU SEE ALL THIS CRAP WE'RE MAKING?! ISN'T IT AWESOME?!!!". Gold leaf, chalkboard paint, jingle bells(?!) -- we've gone full metal glue gun over here.
My summer has been a bit. . . amorphous. With no jobs or internships or grand projects regimenting my days, I've been bouncing around my own head like a pinball. I think that this little nursery was just the valve I needed to release some of that accumulated energy, creative and otherwise, before school starts. (One and I have had a pretty groovy time doing it, too.)
As I'm off to the east, it'll be One's job to finish things up and document the final product.
I'm pretty psyched to see it.

Blackboard-topped learning station
Jinglebell chandelier

Mr. Tiny's unmounted sillouhette
a carat
not even my shoes could escape the spray can (probably because I'm hopelessly slow).