For the last few days, Connecticut has been absolutely frigid. Really, soul crushingly cold. Walking to and from class requires Herculean strength. When I'm in my room, I drag my blanket around so I can wrap myself in it whenever I sit down....Every meal is a struggle, not because going to a meal means going outside (I don't *actually* have to go outside ro get to the dining hall....), but because the thought of venturing outside my blanket cocoon is downright painful. I just never seem to get warm. So I've been wearing a lot of these (at least two under everything I wear - they're actually kind of awesome. Super insulating and reeeally cheap right now), these (under my pants), and these (over my pants). I've also been drinking lots of this,  and eating lots of these:

Carbs make you warmer, right?
{Desperate times call for desperate measures}

I hope the sun returns - for me, my productivity, and my waistline.

What are your tips for fending off frost? I'm running out of ideas...

Also, did you guys see this story about the frozen fire?!
So crazy.