Mea Culpa

Over the past few weeks, I've become terribly overwhelmed by everything in particular. It's been one of those little periods in life where I have so many good, productive things to do that I've concluded the best course of action is to hide under my desk and avoid them all (please see attached image). That's not really an excuse for rampant unproductivity and shirking any and all responsibility, but it is sort of an explanation. I'm sorry in general. No. Mostly, I'm sorry Charity. You are indefatigable. your efforts to motivate me have been thoughtful, varied, and occasionally threatening. I really do appreciate them, even if I haven't made that apparent. You deserve an award. Maybe something bronzed -- like a quill pen or a pair of children's booties. I was going to send this note to you alone, and then I realized you'd be happier if I just wrote a blog post. But I still wanted to apologize (and had already mostly written this), so I just decided to combine them.

I'll do better.

I promise.

Smack me next time I get like this.




  1. you are the only one who cares.

  2. Anonymous6.12.13

    i like the pug.

  3. Worth waiting for this to get the picture of the woe-faced dog. And to hear your charming and funny voice again, of course.

  4. I'm really sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. I have the annoying tendency to experience bouts of depression, and so I can relate to the sentiments you've described and yeah, they suck. I don't know you but you seem super bright and awesome, so I wish you the best and hope that you'll feel better soon! I've taken the liberty of attaching a series of adorable things. Everyone loves adorable creatures, right?

    Keeping your chicks warm!
    Teapot hermit crab!
    Kung fu bunnies!
    Grumpy bird, the best variation of grumpy cat ever
    One of my personal favorites, the blue mountain bird!

    1. Anonymous6.12.13

      I want to hold the blue mountain bird!

    2. linda7.12.13

      Because I didn't know what to say to be helpful, I wasn't going to post. This post says it all beautifully so I'll just say, "Ditto." And thank you naejje!
      Love the creatures (and that pug too)!
      Glorianna: I doubt you could be kept down for long.
      So much for just ditto. :-)


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