True Story: I was going to do a post about how I'm afraid I might be a racist but instead I am going to talk about food

A while ago, I saw this video called "what kind of Asian are you?" It made me angry. This is partially because it made me worry that the Asian people I know think I'm racist. See, I ask literally everyone where they are from -- Asians included. I don't think this makes me a racist. To prove it, I wrote a rambling 6 paragraph post about social justice, racial profiling and how I am not a racist for being interested in everyone's geographic and ethnic origins. However, as I read my post it sounded like maybe I was kind of racist and even if I wasn't, like I had no idea what it must be like to be something other than white in America. This annoyed me even more.

Then it made me feel embarrassed, so I erased it. Then I decided to post a recipe because everybody loves food. That's actually not true. But everybody needs food. Just like we need racists. No. Wait. That came out really wrong. I am so confused. . .

I will now lock myself in a room for fear someone might think I am racist. 
What I have been enjoying during mealtime this week ...

See, I love all different colors and kinds of food. Legumes, citrus, leafy greens, pungent dairy, stale bread, I love them all for their different flavors, colors, textures and what they bring to the salad that is unique. Color love not color blind. 

citrus lentil and avocado panzanella slaw

3-6 pieces citrus fruit, I used tangerines, oranges and mandarins
2 cups french or green lentils, cooked al dente
one small head red cabbage
crusty, stale bread
1 large onion
feta cheese
ripe avocado
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste 

1. dice onions
2. cover pan in olive oil and salt. 
3. Add onions and leave to caramelize
4. shred cabbage and kale
5. Once onions are caramelized, add kale and cabbage
6. cut citrus into rounds
7. Break apart bread
8. place cabbage, onions and kale in salad bowl
9. add lentils and bread.
10. toss with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
11. add citrus rounds and feta cheese
12. Just before serving, chop and add avocado.

Serve warm or cold. You can swap smoked fish for feta. 


  1. I like you. I'm from Colorado..... Very boring;-)

  2. So, we've already had this discussion, and I applaud your decision: Way to step down off of that racism ledge :-) (I'll take food over racism any day.)

    That said! I do think that the video is generally obnoxious. My standard practice is never to ask about such issues. But I will also say that when someone finds out I have a Hungarian background and they respond by listing off historical sights in Budapest, attempting to speak Hungarian, or opining on Hungarian cuisine, I am quite flattered.

  3. Avocado and feta! Always a mouth pleasing combo. I find myself wishing I had not just finished dinner.

  4. Anonymous26.2.14


  5. Anonymous27.2.14

    Charity, your food looks delicious and yes, I hate being asked where I am from. It just makes me feel that people only care about where they think I'm from when I'm from Texas. It's annoying. But I like you and I don't think your racist.

  6. I submit that nobody who eats citrus lentil and avocado panzanella slaw is racist. But hey, as a brown person, I'm never offended when folks ask me where I'm from. Offensive is something like, "Oh, I saw your email and thought it was some kind of scam based on your name." (Which just happened me, actually.)

    1. I'm actually laughing out loud over here -- not the perfunctory "lol," but a genuine chuckle.

  7. I think it's difficult not to be considered racist as a white person in the US. If you are talking about someone across the room and describe them as 'that Asian woman' or 'that black man', it seems vaguely racist. If you say, 'that woman with long black hair', or 'that dude with black hair', you sound like you're afraid to mention race. It's unwinnable. And if it was a white person over there, you wouldn't say 'that white lady with the blonde pixie cut'. I don't think that's because of race, though, but because we self-norm.

    That said, I do think that as white people, we aren't taught about how to refer to race. We are all equal is silly. We are all different. And that's great. My daughter has a more olive complexion than my son. They both have beautiful skin. Anyway, I've been thinking about race stuff too.

    The food also looks great. :)

    1. The food is really good. You should try it. Seriously. As for the race stuff, I guess it'a like anything. If I haven't experienced something aka, living in a majority something else country, I really just can't understand. When I get a glipse into the thought process, I should just accept that is the way someone else feels. @Liberty can tell you this has NEVER been my strength, but I'm trying. I really am.

  8. You know, after hearing Mimo respond to inquiries on her origin with "Ayyyeee Amm Frrrrrom Caleeeforneeeah " (that's how you spell a thick Hungarian accent) on SEVERAL occasions, I realized that it's a question a lot of people just don't like. I think it's okay to inquire after you've known the person for a while (like, months), but at that point there's a good chance that personal fact has come out organically. What I can say, is that I don't enjoy it when others start into conversations with me by asking where Premal's "really from."

    The question isn't racist, it's based on genuine curiosity, but it is insensitive.

    I love you!!!

    1. When choosing my middle name, mom and dad counldn't decide between "Sunshine" and "Insensitivity" #gofigure

  9. linda1.3.14

    I am always interested in others' ethnicity and race, and to the best of my knowledge, I have not offended anyone I've asked about such subjects. Might it have to do with intent and delivery?? That ridiculous video for example, dimwit guy was hitting on a woman he'd randomly just met with the worst lines ever. And little missy seemed to enjoy her own performance a little too much. I doubt I'd want to converse with either of these two.


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