One night--a few years ago--after a row with Momo I had a conversation with my dad that went something like this:
Me: "She drives me CRAZY, how do you put up with her???!"
Dad: "You know, when your mother and I don't quite see eye-to-eye, I can't help but get distracted by how gorgeous she is. And truth be told, that can help a lot."

While Dad's advice didn't really help me process my teenage angst, it still warms my heart that my father was so enamored with my mother just a couple of months shy of their 30th wedding anniversary. Dad was good with romance. I cannot count the number of bouquets he brought home for Momo "just because," or the number of times I walked in to the kitchen to see Momo dipped back and dad planting a big ol' smooch on her lips (yuck ;), or the number of dates they went on.

As a kid, this final act always puzzled me. "Why in the world do they go away to spend time together, when they spend all their time together anyway?" I would think. Well, I have seen the light in a couple of ways. 1) Momo and I get along great now, and 2) I love date night. And with Dr. P's insistence and Groupon's assistance, we've been making sure follow in my parents footsteps, and give dad's old fashioned romance a try when we can.

Here are some favorite pictures from a few of our recent dates!

Shake Up!
Our Milk Shake Hunt continues... this time with an Oreo malt from Potbelly
Keeping the feminine mystique alive and well!

Chinatown Express in, well Chinatown.
I love this place (in fact, it featured in one of my college app essays),
the food is actually only okay, but you can't beat the authenticity of it all!
Exhibit A: Fresh noodles made in the front window

Exhibit B: "Today's Special"

Exhibit 2A: Noodle soup!

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