From Drab to Fab

On a recent Saturday in Denver, Five was gracious enough to do a photo shoot with me.  The good news is, she got great pictures (my sisters can attest that is a RARE accomplishment!), but when I sent them to Yman, he was unimpressed.  This made me exceedingly upset.  These are the best pictures I've had in YEARS!! What could be his problem?  To which he replied,

"They're so grey."

What did he expect? Daisies and daffodils on the second of March?  Well. nothing gets my creative juices flowing like annoyance.  So I started work on one of my favorite photos.

So I decided to try something old and something new and mix mediums.  It's a great way to bring crafts that you love in to a more modern context.  I liked the tree and the bench -- they have this shabby chic thing going for them -- so using the oh so so sophisticated Microsoft Paint I painstakingly cut them out of the rest of the photo.  Next, I got photos of two parts of a painting I made.  One of solid sky, the next of the grass.    On this, you don't have to get the most "perfect" picture.  This had a mark from the back of one of my brushes, which makes it more interesting.  I stretched the photos to fit my "canvas" ( screen) and placed the cut out on top.  Finally, I found a picture of a yellow butterfly and attached it where I though it should go and Voila!  How do you like it? 

It might not be perfect perfect, but it's perfect enough for me!  A warning:  This project is not for the faint of heart:  It is time consumptive, but I really enjoyed the final product.  You can see more of my mixed medium work here and here.