A little reductionist

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A while ago I saw this blog about Smith Magazine's 6-word memoir series. And while this might prove I'm the hipster my siblings accuse me of being, I love them!  In my life I have had a few romances, and while I can't exactly sum them up in 6 words, here are my best efforts.

He was just a phase. Phew!

Broken hearts mend, guilty consciences don't.

Young love's overrated. Grab a book. 

 My Hero. So cliche. So true.

(I'll let folks guess which one is Dr. P ;)

It's a pretty fun exercise.  I'd love to see any of your efforts!


  1. I guessed them all, I'm sure.

  2. heh heh... yeah, I bet you did.

  3. I thought I loved him, but...

  4. Ooo... Very mysterious and melancholy Christine, I like it!

  5. For the loves of my life:

    First, last and best True Love.

    Absolutely perfect. Except when she isn't.

    You're manly enough; Please don't bite.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love this. So funny. But Libby, you made it far too easy to guess :)


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