Cake poppin'

Last week Five and I did something crazy. Amazing. But completely nuts. 
Somehow, we I decided that--to thank all of Two's incredible nurses, respiratory therapists, techs, etc.--we would make cake pops....and rice krispy pops. Now, in light of recent successes in hospital cooking, you may think this was a logical plan. But, it's important to note that the idea was actually utterly insane, for a couple of reasons. 
First, we don't have a real kitchen in our hotel room. We have a pathetic little kitchenette which consists of a stove, sink, cappuccino maker, and microwave. 
Second, in order to adequately thank everyone, exorbitant numbers of pops needed to be assembled. We're talking upwards of 200. 
During the process, I was overcome by bouts of insanity (note: if ever you contemplate making hundreds of baked goods--IN A HOTEL ROOM! Don't). But--throughout the hours of molding and sticking--dipping and sprinkling, there was one thing that kept me poppin: 
Jutka is our magical Hungarian fairy godmother/mommy. She is the picture of grace, elegance, domesticity and competence. She makes the most incredible food. Ever. Every creation is more exquisite than the last. So exquisite, in fact, that when I lived with her for a week, I ate 6 square meals a day. No joke. She is truly wondrous, but the really miraculous part is that she concocts everything in a teeny tiny little kitchen. As I was putting together these treats, I couldn't help but remember the countless meals Jutka has crafted for our family--often varied multi-course meals (think one menu for carnivores, one menu for vegetarians, and one menu for salt-free/macrobiotic eaters). 
She is amazing--and love her.
(cake pop tutorial here)